Rheumatology visit

So over the past spring break I was able to get in to see my rheumatologist.  I am going to have to play the wait and see game for another month for Orencia and then we are moving on to plan C or D or whatever letter of the alphabet I’m on now.

However, one thing really frustrates me.  Over the winter holidays I was moved from the infusion form of Orencia to the injectable form since it would be more cost efficient and convenient for me personally.  I did not know then though, that starting the injectable form of Orencia is pretty much like starting a whole new biologic to my body.  So instead of me being on Orencia for 7 months, which is what I thought I was at when I went to see my rheumatologist last week, I had really only been on it for like almost 3.  So the reason I am waiting the next month is so it will reach 4 months which is the end of the period that it should have kicked in for me.

Really?! I just want to be off of this stuff already and I am really mad that they did that because I would have rather stuck to the infusions to just stick with one treatment plan so it would build up in my body instead of switching to a new form…

But the good news is that my next treatment plan will hopefully be the new JAK inhibitors which, according to my rheumatologist, for most takes effect in 2 weeks!!! Way the hell faster than Orencia, Enbrel, MTX, and everything else that I have been recently put on.  But hopefully it will be available on the market soon.

Now I just have to wait a month…

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