Rheumatology appointment

So my first appointment with my new rheumy went great!

He is one of the first doctors I’ve ever been to that read up on the medications I was currently taking and all of that other junk that takes 30 minutes to fill out before he came in the room to see me.

We talked a lot about my history with RA: all of the fun stuff like the medications I’ve failed, when I was diagnosed, what joints hurt the most, etc. But it looks like I am going to switch from Methotrexate to a new medication (I’ll have to look it up to tell you, it was a knew one for me to hear) and seeing how my body deals with that and how my RA responds will be the basis on what kind of biologic I will try next but that will be revisited in a month along with lots of blood work that I have to get done before then and x-rays I had done today.

But overall I am very happy with my first appointment and am glad I found a great new rheumatologist!

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2 Responses to Rheumatology appointment

  1. Girl Anne says:

    Glad to hear you had a good appointment! I wonder if you’re going on tofacitinib. Keep us posted on how it goes. I go on methotrexate this week for the first time… we’ll see how it goes.

    • jillbean says:

      It is actually Azathioprine (Imuran). So far I’ve tolerated it well but it takes 4-6 weeks to kick in like most DMARDs… It was between this and Leflonamide but the doctor recommended this one first based on the side effects/risk factors that are associated with Leflonamide.

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